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Spiritual Travel
with Ananda Sangha

Welcome to Ananda Pilgrimages! Enjoy inspiring satsang while meditating in spiritually powerful places around India. Join us for a once-in-a-lifetime experience!

"Truly life-changing, like no other trip I've ever taken. This pilgrimage surpassed my expectations in terms of blessed fellowship, destinations, accommodations, activities, food—everything." —P.H., North Carolina, USA

Here are our upcoming pilgrimages (2015).

Ananda Pilgrimages Are Not So Much about
Sightseeing and Doing As about Being . . .

. . . being in a place of high spiritual vibration and learning to relax and open your heart to receive the blessings. Meditating as a group in these holy spots reinforces their power and gives us access to places not available to individual travellers. Having someone else take care of all the travel logistics means the pilgrim can concentrate on being a pilgrim . . . (more)

"Since the pilgrimage I've felt a new lightness of being—a new lease on life, spiritually. Meditation is easier and more enjoyable. Time flies when I meditate. When I hear a chant, I find myself immersed completely in it—I feel I could sing all day!" —J. T., New Delhi

Paramhansa Yogananda

"If you go to places where masters have lived, the vibrations there will quicken your realization."

Swami Kriyananda
Direct disciple of Yogananda
and Ananda's founder

"The benefit of pilgrimage to holy places is not because of their rich history, but for the fact that divine blessings can be experienced when visiting them. Their very soil is impregnated with a higher consciousness."

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