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Upcoming Pilgrimages

Varanasi (19 - 21 July 2024)

One day of the year, on Guru Purnima, Lahiri Mahasaya’s home in Varanasi is open for devotees to have darshan. To be in his home, for even this brief darshan, is a unique blessing.

The oldest surviving city in the world radiates timeless wisdom. Many of India’s greatest saints, like Adi Shankaracharya, Gautama Buddha, and Mahavatar Babaji, lived here.

Ladakh (29 Aug to 1 Sept 2024)

Join us in this rare spiritual adventure to “Little Tibet,” where we’ll experience one of the most spectacular landscapes on earth and meditate in ancient, powerful Buddhist temples and monasteries; walk through a Ladakhi village, and share joyful satsang with other like-minded souls. This trip will be led by Keshava and Daya Taylor, spiritual directors of Ananda Delhi.

Babaji's Cave (9 to 12 November 2024)

The highlight of this trip is the beautiful hillside where Lahiri Mahasaya is said to have first met Mahavatar Babaji in the autumn of 1861, which contains the cave where Lahiri spent a previous incarnation. Babaji gave Lahiri Kriya Yoga initiation on this spot, thus launching its spread around the world. We’ll spend most of a day together on this hillside, taking turns meditating in the cave itself. Please apply as soon as possible, as we expect this trip to fill up quickly.

Bodh Gaya (5 to 8 December 2024)

For 25 centuries, Bodhgaya has been the epicentre of the Buddha’s teachings, which have now spread around the world. The extensive temple-park complex, created by Emperor Ashoka, is a place for quiet reflection, meditation, and contemplation. Seven sacred shrines commemorate the seven weeks the Buddha spent here after his enlightenment. There is a “meditation park” strictly reserved for serious meditation. Our hotel is a short walk from this holy spot, and we can return several times during our stay.

The Ananda Pilgrimage Experience

Meditating at Babaji's Cave in Ranikhet

Go Beyond Distractions Into a State of Joy

“Any response from God that is superconsciously generated remains “in the ether,” and can continue forever to convey special blessings. Such also is the power of pilgrimage, when devotees seek blessings in places where some divine manifestation has taken place.” 
Swami Kriyananda

Places of pilgrimage are filled with divine power that can transform your consciousness if you are receptive. But visiting these places as a “tourist” would not help us. We need to rise above distractions and open ourselves to receive the blessings and grace that is abundantly available. 

Travelling with like-minded, spiritual souls and following an experienced team of leaders, frees you from all worries and enables you to have a profound and unforgettable experience. 

Crafting an Uplifting Experience

“Spiritual advancement is not a question of attaining anything. It is simply a matter of opening wide the door to a state of conscious being that is ours already, hidden from us only so long as our attention is focused elsewhere.” 
– Swami Kriyananda

Our leaders help keep the energy high with chanting, readings, yoga, group meditations and other inspirational activities to help you tune into the holiness of each site. By being in such a group, it’s so much easier to keep your consciousness uplifted and attract infinitely greater blessings to your life.

Inspiring and Experienced Leaders

Our Ananda hosts as well as the in-country guides serve with joy and focus to inspire you to further deepen your inner spiritual life.

In addition to being disciples of Paramhansa Yogananda and practitioners of Kriya Yoga, they have been leading pilgrimages for more than 20 years. 

Hear From Our Friends!

"Truly life-changing, like no other trip I've ever taken. This pilgrimage surpassed my expectations in terms of blessed fellowship, destinations, accommodations, activities, food—everything."
North Carolina, USA
"Since the pilgrimage I've felt a new lightness of being—a new lease on life, spiritually. Meditation is easier and more enjoyable. Time flies when I meditate. When I hear a chant, I find myself immersed completely in it—I feel I could sing all day!"
New Delhi
Throughout the trip I felt an intense feeling of peace and love and enjoyed the company of like minded spiritual souls.
A meticulously planned and very well organised pilgrimage. The energy level was maintained at high level throughout.Thank you all the leaders for your selfless service in making this pilgrimage such a memorable one.
I express my heartfelt gratitude to the Ananda Pilgrimage team for the incredible, beautifully-arranged, and well executed pilgrimage. You all were so loving, caring, concerned for everyone. God bless you all .
New Delhi
I am filled with joy and gratitude as I sit down to express my deepest appreciation for the magnificent spiritual retreat we shared together. Each interaction, each shared chant, and each heartfelt laugh created memories that will be cherished forever.

Not About Doing, But About Being

Ananda Pilgrimages are not so much about sightseeing and doing as about being—being in a place of high spiritual vibration and learning to relax and open your heart to receive the blessings. Meditating as a group in these holy spots reinforces their power and gives us access to places not available to individual travellers. Having someone else take care of all the travel logistics means the pilgrim can concentrate on being a pilgrim.

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